Frequently Asked Questions


How did Sedona Advertising Agency begin, and why does it exist?
As individuals, Alisha and Mark are each capable of designing a well-crafted advertising and marketing approach that will evolve the lives of your consumers. It is their intention to create, present, and sustain brand marketing and advertising consistency to consumers. Now together, through Sedona Advertising Agency, they work in tandem to efficiently provide entrepreneurs with new marketplace opportunities.

After relocating to Sedona ten years ago from New York City, Mark A. Short has professionally served the tourism and hospitality industries in Arizona and California. Since meeting his business partner, Alisha, expanding and offering clients new combinations of skills is
now possible.

For Alisha M. Forrester Scott, an Arizona native, the idea of a firm like Sedona Advertising Agency first-began when she realized how challenging it was to locate a designer who was both technically-proficient and originally-creative. Now, almost 14-years later, Alisha has relocated to the Sedona area and is merging business operations with Mark.

What is the method behind Sedona Advertising Agency?
In a simple sentence, legitimate experience and creativity form the methods of Sedona Advertising Agency. The systems, methods, and forms utilized and custom-designed by Mark and Alisha are proprietary. How can you effectively influence and benefit your consumers? Mark and Alisha say:

“We know how.”

How has Sedona Advertising Agency developed?
The creative and business abilities of Mark and Alisha have been developed through formal and continuing education, expert mentoring, creative ambition, and productive experiences. Alisha and Mark are grateful for the many clients who have influenced and challenged them throughout their professional careers.

Where is Sedona Advertising Agency likely to go?
Mark and Alisha have mindful ideas of where Sedona Advertising Agency will go. Growing into one of the top agencies in Arizona and throughout the USA is certainly one of them. But, Mark and Alisha are more attached to the adventurous desires of their hearts. As they say:

“The agency will go wherever our ideals and unique project opportunities take us.”

What type of clients are Alisha and Mark interested in working with?
“We are interested in clients that are genuinely helpful to the Earth and our communities.”

Sedona Advertising Agency has an interest in businesses with potential for global scalability, but are first supportive of local entrepreneurs and businesses. The agency is operated to provide Mark and Alisha with their Dream Jobs.

How do Alisha and Mark make their ideas and concepts real?
Through trust, engagement, collectivity, authentic expression, curiosity, continuing education, co-commitment, and experiential practice, Alisha and Mark stay passionate and focused on their objectives.

“We are helpful to each other, and are dedicated to providing sustainable, brand image-making services. Equally, we are in service to our various communities.”

What is the relation of Sedona Advertising Agency and commercial industry?
At Sedona Advertising Agency, personal development, community relationships, and business presence are intertwined. As regular people with humanitarian belief systems, Mark and Alisha practice being in relationship to their communities. They are interested in the people behind the industries that are taking a lead to protect Earth and its vast cultural communities.

Why is Sedona Advertising Agency able to compete in the industry, and why is the agency relevant?
Through Sedona Advertising Agency, Mark and Alisha offer a list of professional creative services and helpful business development programs. Mark takes the lead in creative services, with 20 years of award-winning industry experience with Fortune 500 companies. He is adept at creating comprehensive branding concepts and designing advertising programs, and has worked on many levels (and in many capacities!) in the various branches of advertising. Alisha takes the lead in brand development, offering 14 years of award-winning alignment through business processes, sales systems, promotional productions, and commercial writing.