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About the client/agency relationship:
All client/agency relationships are honored in a written contract by agreement, and include a requirement for a mutually-beneficial Non-Disclosure Agreement. Work by Sedona Advertising Agency for any client does not begin until the Services Deposit (initial payment) check has cleared.

What does a Sedona Advertising Agency video production entail?
Our goal is to provide you with a top-quality video production experience. Consider that for each hour of video footage recorded, 5-10 hours of planning, file transferring, editing, and post-production tasking exists. Prior to a video shoot, our clients are briefed on the entire process so that they know what to expect. Our process includes a pre-planning meeting, time-cost analysis, video script and production set discussion, administrative paperwork completion, and post-production and follow-up meetings.

What are Sedona Advertising Agency payment policies?
There are three important payment milestones for your project: Services Deposit, Progress Payment, and Final Payment.

  1. Services Deposit: To book with Sedona Advertising Agency, a fifty-percent (50%) services deposit payable by check to Mark Short is required. This retainer is non-refundable, but is transferrable. For example, after booking a certain service or package you may decide to shift gears. In this scenario, your initial services deposit remains valid towards the cost of your new service or package selection.
  2. Progress Payment: At a pre-determined point during the production of your project, you will be billed for what is called a progress payment. This payment allows our agency to operate functionally while continuing to work on your behalf.
  3. Final Payment: Prior to the release of your project and related files, you will be FINAL billed for the total amount remaining on your project account. This FINAL payment allows us to successfully wrap and deliver your project to you.